Speaker Guide

Lecture Guidelines:

IAAP monthly lecture series provides a platform for the local academics and professional community to listen to Iranian and
Iranian-American scholars and professionals presenting intriguing topics related to their field of expertise.

Criteria for giving lectures:

Speakers must have expertise in the field of lecture they are presenting through an “academic degree” or through years of work and training in the field.

Material needed

  • Please send the following materials about three weeks before the date of your lecture to IAAPDC.lecture@gmail.com and cc to manouch364@gmail.com and yasamana@yahoo.com
    • Photo– Your picture
    • Language of your talk (English or Farsi)
    • Title of Talk– Title of your talk in English, please keep in mind that the topic should be easily understood
      by public audiences
    • If your talk is in Farsi, please also provide title of your talk in Farsi
    • Synopsis– A short description of the materials to be covered in your lecture, like synopsis, and please write
      it simple enough to be understood by public audiences (maximum 200 words)
    • Bio– A summarized version of your academic and professional background – bio (maximum 200 words)

    IAAP Lecture Committee reserves the right to edit and/or shorten bios and synopsis if material provided does not conform to IAAP standards.

    You can find samples of bio and synopsis of our previous lecturers on IAAP website http://www.iaapdc.org

  • As soon as we receive your bio and synopsis, it will be reviewed by Lecture Committee and will be published on IAAP
  • Session starts at 7:30pm with refreshment and networking
  • Lecture starts just before 8:00 pm with brief introduction of the speaker
  • Please assign 60 minutes to your lecture and about 30 minutes to Q&A