Lecture 103: You and Your Credit Score: The Untold Story

When: Thursday Feb 8, 2018 – 7:30 PM
Where: Montgomery Community College (Rockville Campus) – Humanities Building (HU), Conference Room 009
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Speaker: Ms. Gita Etezad
Language: Farsi / English


Do you know what Credit Score is? Do you know how it affects you personally? Are you aware how this score is calculated and reported?  The fact of the matter is that this 3-digit number affects not only your financial wellbeing but also your lifestyle altogether not only the interest rates you are charged but also your insurance premiums and your employment. Whether we like it or not, our credit score is used to judge and categorize us. Of course, where there is vested interest, there is going to be consorted effort to justify this type of assessment; and thus, the possibility of error and miscalculation.         
In this presentation, Ms. Etezad will address these issues and how the Credit Bureaus calculate and report your credit. She will discuss the uses and the abuses of this industry’s practices, the possible ways to monitor and follow the changes in your credit score and more importantly how to hold these credit reporting agencies accountable for errors which adversely affect you, your credit, your business and your lifestyle.She also will give you tips on how to improve your credit score.

About the Speaker:

Gita Etezad is a board certified credit expert and runs the day to day operation at the Credit Pro Center in Rockville, Maryland. She primarily helps potential homebuyers with credit rating and score improvement services, enabling them to qualify for financing. Credit Pro Center is among only a handful of credit repair companies which are licensed and bonded in the State of Maryland.
She started her career in the financial industry in 1998 as a mortgage loan officer. Her expertise includes residential mortgages, commercial loans, credit analysis and credit score improvement, SBA loans and business financing.

For this lecture: light refreshment will be provided

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