Development of a Low Power and Robust Excavation System for Space Mining (with Focus on Mining on Moon)

By: Jamal Rostami, PhD, PE

Thursday July 12, 2007, 7:30 p.m.

Dr. Jamal Rostami


This is a discussion of current research underway for development of mining machinery for Lunar Mining. This project involves theoretical studies, laboratory testing of stimulant soil samples, and development of a prototype cutter-head for excavation of frozen lunar soil. The prototype cutter-head is going to undergo a full scale testing at a research facility in Pennsylvania in near future.

About the Lecturer:

Dr. Rostami has over 17 years of experience in design, management, research, and teaching in the field of mining, tunneling, civil infrastructure, and underground construction. This includes advanced and mechanized tunneling, micro-tunneling, directional drilling, and mining systems used by this industry around the world. He also has experience in project management, planning and execution of geotechnical investigations, procuring of mining and tunneling equipment, cost estimation, bid preparation, and feasibility analysis for mining and underground construction projects. He has spent over 4 Years at Mining Engineering Department, University of Tehran. He has also spent more than 8 Years at Mining Engineering Department, Colorado School of Mines CSM), Golden, Colorado working as a research assistant professor and deputy director of Excavation Engineering and Earth Mechanics Institute (EMI), managing research programs, conducting research and testing, and offering courses. Dr. Rostami has over 48 papers including 5 peer reviewed papers and over 28 Major Reports. He has developed and offered several short courses on mechanical excavation, geotechnical investigation, mining, and tunneling. Dr. Rostami is currently working with Camp Dresser McKee (CDM) Consulting Engineers and will start his carrier as a faculty at the Dept. of Energy and Mineral Engineering in Pennsylvania State University by Aug. 2007. He serves as the Vice President of Iranian Academic Association (IAA), DC Chapter.

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